1: 1. Leonardo da Vinci: Visionary polymath, his inventions and art continue to inspire generations. 2. Frida Kahlo: Bold Mexican artist who used her pain to create empowering masterpieces. 3. Nikola Tesla: Genius inventor of alternating current, his innovations revolutionized electricity.

2: 4. Hedy Lamarr: Hollywood actress and brilliant inventor behind wireless communication technology. 5. Alan Turing: British mathematician who cracked Nazi codes, pioneering modern computing. 6. Marie Curie: Trailblazing physicist and chemist, her discoveries led to groundbreaking radiation research.

3: 7. Mansa Musa: Mali Emperor whose lavish pilgrimage showcased Africa's wealth, shaping trade routes. 8. Ida B. Wells: Fierce civil rights activist and journalist who fought against lynching in the US. 9. Matsuo Basho: Japanese poet who elevated haiku, emphasizing nature's profound simplicity.

4: 10. Ibn Sina: Medieval Persian polymath, his contributions to medicine and philosophy remain influential. 11. Emmeline Pankhurst: Bravery led the British women's suffrage movement, securing voting rights. 12. Zheng He: Chinese explorer who commanded the largest naval expeditions before the Age of Discovery.

5: 13. Tim Berners-Lee: Inventor of the World Wide Web, his creation transformed global communication. 14. Grace Hopper: Computer scientist and naval officer, she developed programming languages. 15. Ada Lovelace: Victorian mathematician who envisioned the possibilities of computer programming.

6: 16. Rani Padmini: Rajput queen who valiantly defended her homeland during a siege in medieval India. 17. Artemisia Gentileschi: Baroque painter who overcame adversity, producing remarkable artworks. 18. Maimonides: Influential Jewish philosopher who harmonized religion and reason in the Middle Ages.

7: 19. William Wilberforce: British politician and abolitionist who tirelessly fought to end the slave trade. 20. Sojourner Truth: Former slave and powerful advocate for abolition, women's rights, and equality. 21. Ibn Battuta: Moroccan adventurer and scholar, his travelogues provide unique insights into the medieval world.

8: 22. Mother Teresa: Compassionate nun who dedicated her life to serving the poor and marginalized. 23. Lise Meitner: Nuclear physicist who played a crucial role in the discovery of nuclear fission. 24. Steve Biko: South African anti-apartheid activist, his ideas inspired a generation in the fight for freedom.

9: 25. Rumi: Persian poet whose spiritual verses continue to resonate with seekers worldwide. 26. Ching Shih: Fearsome pirate queen who commanded hundreds of ships in the South China Sea. 27. Edmonia Lewis: African-American sculptor whose powerful works challenged racial and gender norms.