1: Title: WWE Wrestlers as Santa in Movies Description: Discover the surprising roles WWE wrestlers have taken as Santa Claus in movies. One, however, led to disastrous results.

2: Title: Jolly Wrestler Santas Description: Some WWE stars embraced the holiday spirit, donning Santa suits and spreading cheer on the big screen. One such attempt, though, ended in catastrophe.

3: Title: The Failed Santa Claus Description: Despite their wrestling prowess, not all WWE superstars were able to deliver as Santa Claus. One particular attempt left audiences disappointed and bewildered.

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7: Title: When Santa Met WWE Description: Delve into the curious crossover of WWE wrestlers and Santa Claus in movie roles. Discover why one particular attempt was labeled as a colossal failure.

8: Title: Santa's Misfortune in WWE Movies Description: Join us as we highlight WWE wrestlers who portrayed Santa in films. Unfortunately, one such endeavor resulted in an epic disaster that couldn't be ignored.

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