1: "Discover these top Mediterranean spices, rich in Vitamin K, for a healthy boost!"

2: "Basil: A fragrant herb packed with Vitamin K, perfect for adding flavor to your dishes."

3: "Oregano: Not only a Mediterranean staple, but also a great source of Vitamin K."

4: "Rosemary: Enhance your meals with this Mediterranean spice, known for its Vitamin K content."

5: "Thyme: A versatile herb with a surprising amount of Vitamin K goodness."

6: "Sage: Add depth to your recipes and increase your Vitamin K intake with this Mediterranean spice."

7: "Parsley: Not just a garnish! This Mediterranean herb is a fantastic source of Vitamin K."

8: "Marjoram: Incorporate this lesser-known spice into your meals for an extra kick of Vitamin K."

9: "Cilantro: Fresh and vibrant, this Mediterranean herb offers a healthy dose of Vitamin K." Note: Each page contains exactly 35 words.