1: Jonathan Owens - Inspiring Underdog Story Discover the inspiring underdog tale of Jonathan Owens in the NFL. Overcoming obstacles and defying the odds, he inspires players worldwide. Explore his incredible journey today!

2: David Tyree - The Improbable Catch Relive the incredible underdog story of David Tyree and his unbelievable catch in Super Bowl XLII. Witness his determination and the impact it had on the NFL's history.

3: Kurt Warner - From Stocking Shelves to NFL Stardom Experience the remarkable rise of Kurt Warner from humble beginnings to NFL stardom. Witness how he defied all odds and became a Super Bowl champion against all expectations.

4: Doug Flutie - Small Stature, Big Impact Discover the amazing story of Doug Flutie, the undersized quarterback who took the NFL by storm. Learn how he proved that size doesn't matter when determination is present.

5: Michael Lewis - From Beer Delivery Man to NFL Sensation Unveil the extraordinary journey of Michael Lewis, a former beer delivery man turned NFL sensation. Witness how his perseverance and skills made him a true underdog hero.

6: Tom Brady - The Ultimate Underdog Champion Experience the awe-inspiring rise of Tom Brady, the ultimate underdog turned NFL champion. Witness his relentless pursuit of greatness and uncover the legend he's become.

7: Eli Manning - Overcoming the Shadow of Greatness Learn about Eli Manning's resilience as he stepped out of his brother's shadow to create his own NFL legacy. Witness the incredible moments that shaped his underdog story.

8: Joe Flacco - Underdog Quarterback With a Super Bowl Victory Embark on the remarkable journey of Joe Flacco, an underdog quarterback who defied expectations and secured a Super Bowl victory. Witness the defining moments of his career.

9: Malcolm Butler - The Unexpected Hero Explore the remarkable underdog story of Malcolm Butler, the unsung hero of Super Bowl XLIX. Learn about his journey from obscurity to making one of NFL's greatest plays.


4 Incredible Underdog Stories in NFL History Like Jonathan Owen