1: 1. "Koh-i-Noor: A coveted gemstone fueling heated debates over ownership." 2. "The Elgin Marbles: Exquisite ancient sculptures in the heart of a cultural tug-of-war." 3. "The Double Eagle: A rare coin caught between collectors and the US government." 4. "The Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin: A masterpiece entangled in legal disputes."

2: 1. "The Æthelstan Penny: A symbol of historic rivalry between England and Norway." 2. "The Brasher Doubloon: An iconic American coin surrounded by controversies." 3. "The Malaya and British Borneo Dollar: A currency dispute during the formation of Malaysia." 4. "The Ethiopian 1895 Battle of Adwa Medal: Commemorating a conflict's aftermath."

3: 1. "The 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle: A sought-after coin with a storied past." 2. "The Spanish Escudo: Minting conflicts between Spain, the Netherlands, and Portugal." 3. "The 1948 Italian-Greek Clash Coins: Souvenirs of an unresolved border dispute." 4. "The Chinese-Canadian War Bonds: Financing disagreement during World War II."

4: 1. "The Australian 1930 Penny: Rare and contested in the world of numismatics." 2. "The Parthenon Replica Coins: Reproduction triggering debates on cultural heritage." 3. "The Tetradrachm of Athens: A historic coin associated with territorial disputes." 4. "The British Colonial Coins: Controversies surrounding colonization and currency."

5: 1. "The Ecuadorian 1999 Del Oro: A legal battle over the export and ownership rights." 2. "The Indian 5 Rupees Coin: Alleged use of religious symbols causing unrest." 3. "The Portuguese Azores 25 Escudos: Symbolizing regional autonomy disputes." 4. "The Moroccan-Bahamian 2 Riyals Coin: Diplomatic friction over the Arabic script."

6: 1. "The French Guinea 20 Francs: Colonial memories intertwined with coinage." 2. "The German Democratic Republic's Unity Coins: Political clashes in a divided nation." 3. "The Honduran 50 Lempiras Coin: Depicting disputed historical figures." 4. "The Russian East India Company Coins: Trading conflicts in a bygone era."

7: 1. "The Cuban Convertible Peso: A currency triggering debates on economic policies." 2. "The Brazilian Real: Controversies around currency devaluation and inflation." 3. "The Japanese 500 Yen Coin: Historical disputes reflected in monetary symbols." 4. "The Mexican Silver Libertad: Challenges in preserving indigenous cultural roots."

8: 1. "The South African Krugerrand: Divisive coin echoing apartheid resistance." 2. "The Pakistani 20 Rupees Coin: Symbolism battles within a culturally diverse nation." 3. "The Canadian Centennial Coins: Issues of representation in national celebrations." 4. "The Italian 1 Lira Coin: Disputes over historical figures and their ideologies."

9: 1. "The Thai Baht Coin: Influence of politics on the currency's design." 2. "The Nigerian Naira: A monetary unit balancing regional tensions." 3. "The Brazilian Cruzeiro: Currency fluctuations causing economic controversies." 4. "The Dutch Ducat: Intricate legal battles over claimed ownership rights."