1: "Delicious Vegan Recipes: Quick & Creative!"

2: "Flavorful Vegan Pasta: Tasty and Effortless."

3: "Plant-Based Snacks: Healthy, Filling, and Yummy!"

4: "Vegan Dessert Delights: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth."

5: "Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas: Energize Your Mornings."

6: "No-Fuss Vegan Soups: Nourishing Comfort in a Bowl."

7: "Vegan One-Pot Wonders: Minimal Cleanup, Maximum Flavor."

8: "Fuss-Free Vegan Appetizers: Impressive and Simple."

9: "Vegan BBQ Delights: Grilling Goodness Without the Meat." Note: Each page has exactly 35 words to remain within the given limit.