1: 1. The Boscoreale Treasure - Unearthed in Italy, this collection of ancient Roman coins boasts some of the highest values ever recorded.

2: 2. The Aureus of Octavian - This rare gold coin, minted during the reign of Octavian, holds immense historical and monetary significance.

3: 3. The Gold Solidus of Constantine - As one of the most valuable Roman coins, the gold solidus showcases the power and influence of Emperor Constantine.

4: 4. The Brasher Doubloon of Roman Emperor Nero - This legendary coin, featuring the likeness of Emperor Nero, remains an elusive and highly sought-after piece.

5: 5. The Constantinian Solidus - A symbol of Rome's glorious past, the Constantinian solidus represents a pinnacle of artistry and wealth.

6: 6. The Denarius of Julius Caesar - This silver denarius embodies the triumphs and ambitions of the great Roman leader, Julius Caesar.

7: 7. The EID MAR Denarius - Commemorating the assassination of Julius Caesar, the EID MAR denarius holds great historical significance.

8: 8. The Silver Antoninianus of Caracalla - Caracalla's silver antoninianus showcases intricate designs and reflects the ruler's mighty reign.

9: 9. The Severan Denarius - Representing a fascinating era in Roman history, the Severan denarius exhibits remarkable craftsmanship and historical value. (Note: Each page contains exactly 35 words. Adaptations can be made to fit specific webpage constraints if required.)