1: Discover unique coin customs worldwide Explore intriguing traditions tied to currency Unearth unexpected rituals surrounding coins

2: In Japan, coins tossed for good luck Turkey's wedding coin shower celebrates love India's annual coin fight symbolizes prosperity

3: Argentina's tradition: coins in shoes bring fortune Irish coin burial for blessings from the past Chinese coins hanging for prosperity and wealth

4: Throwing coins into Trevi Fountain, Italy New Year coin wishes in Greece Czech coin toss for fertility and fruitful crops

5: Scandinavian coin embedded in bride's bouquet Brazil's coin dance for harmonious relationships Coin toss at Royal Maundy Service in the UK

6: Spain's Three Kings Day: coins in cake Coin tapping to thank bus drivers in Panama Italian coin gift for a new home's prosperity

7: Netherlands' Pancake Day coin in the batter Coin balancing for luck in Pakistan Mongolia's Tsagaan Sar: exchanging blue silks and coins

8: Coins tied to red strings: Chinese protection beliefs Scotland's touching of the first-foot's coin Indonesia's coin placed under pillow for dreams

9: Coin rolling for wealth on Thai New Year Greece's coin-melting ritual for good fortune Finland's dream of a coin hidden under a pillow