1: 1. "Save big: Opt for off-peak travel dates and score discounted flights and accommodations!"

2: 2. "Pack light: Travel with only essential items to avoid overweight baggage fees."

3: 3. "Go local: Eat at local restaurants to savor authentic flavors at affordable prices."

4: 4. "Public transport: Utilize public transportation systems to cut down on expensive taxis."

5: 5. "Accommodation alternatives: Consider budget-friendly options like hostels or homestays."

6: 6. "Free attractions: Discover hidden gems by exploring free attractions and landmarks."

7: 7. "Travel rewards: Take advantage of loyalty programs to earn points for future trips."

8: 8. "Meal prepping: Save money by preparing meals and snacks in advance."

9: 9. "Travel insurance: Protect your finances with budget-friendly travel insurance plans." Note: Each page has exactly 35 words.