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2: Pennies minted before 1982 can fetch more than their face value. Check for the rare 1943 copper penny, worth up to $85,000!

3: Dimes from 1965-1969 could be silver. Worth more than 10 cents! Don't overlook these shiny gems in your pocket change.

4: Nickels from 1938-1964 contain 35% silver, worth more than face value. Hold on to them and discover their hidden worth.

5: Quarters from 1932-1964 could be silver, worth more than 25 cents. Start digging into your pocket change today and find treasure!

6: Sacagawea Dollar coins from 2000 are worth more than a dollar. Check if you have the rare "Cheerios" coin, valued at $9,000+.

7: Old half dollars from 1965-1970 contain 40% silver. Your pocket change could hold valuable surprises!

8: Look out for the valuable 1970-S small-date Lincoln penny. It could be hiding in your pocket change, worth around $35,000!

9: Take a closer look at your pocket change – wealth awaits! Hidden treasures worth over $20 can be found in the coins you carry daily. Unearth their value and turn your change into treasure!