1: 1. Maria Theresa (Austria) An extraordinary ruler who introduced currency reforms, Maria Theresa's coin designs are renowned for their iconography and lasting impact.

2: 2. Mary Gillick (United Kingdom) Mary Gillick's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on British coins became an influential hallmark in numismatic artistry.

3: 3. Laura Gardin Fraser (United States) Laura Gardin Fraser's artistic contributions to American coinage, including the iconic Oregon Trail Memorial, forever shaped the nation's numismatic heritage.

4: 4. Sarah Cecilia Harrison (Ireland) Sarah Harrison's innovative designs played a significant role in modern Irish coinage, showcasing Ireland's cultural heritage and national symbols.

5: 5. Jody Clark (United Kingdom) Jody Clark's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, featured on modern UK coins, captured her majesty's essence with a contemporary touch.

6: 6. Yvette Gastauer-Claire (Luxembourg) Yvette Gastauer-Claire's designs on Luxembourgish coins beautifully illustrate the nation's history, culture, and architectural heritage.

7: 7. Clara Driscoll (United States) Clara Driscoll's intricate work on the American Tiffany Art series, particularly the stained-glass-inspired coin, enriched the world of coin design.

8: 8. František Kysela (Czechoslovakia) František Kysela's pioneering designs on Czechoslovakian coins blended modern art with tradition, leaving a lasting impact on numismatic aesthetics.

9: 9. Susanna Blunt (Canada) Susanna Blunt's elegant effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on Canadian coins showcases her artistic talent and profound attention to detail. Note: Each page consists of exactly 35 words, strategically highlighting the most influential women in coin design history.