1: 1. Welcome to the fascinating world of ancient coins! Discover intriguing stories and facts about the oldest coins ever found. Explore their rich history in this captivating Google web story. Let's dive in!

2: 2. Did you know that the world's oldest coins date back over 2,600 years? These ancient treasures provide a window into the past, shedding light on civilizations long gone. Join us to unravel their mysteries.

3: 3. Ancient coins were created in various shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny pieces the size of a dime to larger coins as big as a palm. Each coin carried its unique symbolism and significance.

4: 4. The Lydians, an ancient civilization in modern-day Turkey, are credited with producing the world's first coins in the 7th century BCE. These coins made transactions more convenient and standardized.

5: 5. The earliest coins were made of electrum, a natural alloy of gold and silver. Their intricate designs often featured animals, mythological figures, or rulers' portraits. Admire the artistry of these ancient currencies.

6: 6. Collecting ancient coins has been a popular hobby for centuries. Some coins from the ancient world are highly sought after and can fetch astronomical prices in today's collector market.

7: 7. The ancient Greek coins, called drachms, were widely used in trade throughout the Mediterranean. They bore detailed engravings, usually depicting gods, goddesses, or legendary events.

8: 8. Roman coins, including the famous denarius, are remarkable artifacts that reflect the vast Roman Empire's economic and political influence. They serve as a glimpse into the life of emperors and their eras.

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