1: "Racing Extinction" An impactful documentary exposing the alarming rate of species extinction caused by human activities. Raise awareness and take action, all within 35 powerful words.

2: "Chasing Ice" Witness the stunning visual evidence of melting glaciers. This eye-opening documentary underscores the urgency to combat climate change. Experience nature's delicate beauty in just 35 words.

3: "The 11th Hour" Leonardo DiCaprio presents comprehensive analysis and potential solutions to the environmental crisis. Enlightening and inspiring, this documentary empowers viewers in fewer than 35 impactful words.

4: "Before the Flood" Join Leonardo DiCaprio on a global journey, exploring the consequences of climate change and the need to transition to renewable energy. 35 words urging immediate action.

5: "An Inconvenient Truth" Former Vice President Al Gore's groundbreaking documentary unravels climate change science, moving us to fight for our planet's future in just 35 concise words.

6: "Cowspiracy" By revealing the environmental impact of animal agriculture, this documentary encourages us to reevaluate our dietary choices. Change begins with 35 impactful words.

7: "The True Cost" Discover the hidden ecological and social consequences of fast fashion. This thought-provoking documentary empowers conscious consumerism in precisely 35 impactful words.

8: "A Plastic Ocean" Explore the devastating impact of single-use plastic on marine life. This eye-opening documentary inspires action to reduce plastic waste in only 35 powerful words.

9: "Gasland" Uncover the environmental hazards of hydraulic fracturing. This hard-hitting documentary advocates for clean and renewable energy sources in just 35 words.