1: 1. Which team will secure home-field advantage in the playoffs? 2. Can the Packers continue their dominant run in the postseason?

2: 3. Will injured star players hinder their respective teams' chances? 4. Is the Chiefs' high-powered offense enough to overcome their defensive struggles?

3: 5. Can the Buccaneers' experienced roster make a deep playoff run? 6. Which teams will clinch the elusive wild card spots?

4: 7. Will the Ravens' strong ground game be the key to their playoff success? 8. Can the Bills' explosive offense keep up with the league's best?

5: 9. Will the Saints' aging quarterback deliver a final Super Bowl appearance? 10. How will COVID-19 impact the playoff schedule?

6: 11. Can the Rams' stout defense carry them far in the playoffs? 12. Which underdog team could surprise everyone with an upset?

7: 13. Will the Seahawks' Russell Wilson regain his early-season form? 14. How will the expanded playoff format affect the race?

8: 15. Can the Colts' solid all-around team make a playoff splash? 16. Are the Titans equipped to take down the AFC juggernauts?

9: 17. Will the playoff experience of the Steelers give them an edge? 18. Which coach's strategic game plan will emerge victorious in the postseason?