1: 1. The 1839 Una and the Lion gold coin symbolizes beauty and power, capturing the essence of Victorian artistry.

2: 2. Benjamin Disraeli, the Prime Minister, is celebrated on the 1887 double florin coin, portraying his influential role.

3: 3. The sovereign, minted since 1817, showcases Queen Victoria's reign and became the epitome of British currency.

4: 4. The Gothic Crown, minted in 1847, combines intricate design elements that exhibit the Victorian love for gothic revival.

5: 5. High relief farthings, produced from 1860-1868, mark a unique era with their exquisite raised design and small denomination.

6: 6. The 1887 Jubilee Head shilling honors Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee and symbolizes the prosperity of the era.

7: 7. The 1893 Veiled Head florin features the mature portrait of Queen Victoria, reflecting her long and illustrious reign.

8: 8. The Gothic Florin, minted from 1851-1887, showcases intricate detailing inspired by the gothic revival movement.

9: 9. The 1887 Young Head half-crown depicts a youthful Queen Victoria, representing the earlier years of her reign.