1: Transforming an old coffee table into a stylish DIY ottoman is easier than you think. Follow this step-by-step tutorial for a chic upgrade.

2: Start by removing the legs of the coffee table and keeping them aside. You won't need them for this ottoman project.

3: Measure and cut a foam cushion to fit the top of the coffee table. Make sure it's thick enough for comfort but also fits the table's dimensions.

4: Attach the foam cushion to the coffee table with a strong adhesive, ensuring an even and secure bond.

5: Cover the foam and table with a layer of batting, pulling it tightly and stapling it at the underside. This will provide a smooth and plush surface.

6: Next, choose a fabric of your choice to match your decor. Stretch it over the batting and table, securing it with staples on the undersides.

7: Trim any excess fabric to create clean edges. Take your time to ensure a professional finish for your DIY ottoman.

8: Now it's time to add some feet to elevate your ottoman. Attach pre-made furniture feet or repurpose some unique objects for a personal touch.

9: Admire your transformed coffee table as it becomes a chic ottoman. Enjoy your stylish and functional masterpiece, made entirely by you!