1: The highly anticipated "Pearson" spinoff series features Gina Torres in the lead role. Delve into the political drama that threatens to engulf her character.

2: Gina Torres stars as Jessica Pearson, a formidable lawyer whose new venture takes an unexpected and controversial turn.

3: "Pearson" introduces viewers to Jessica's world of power struggles, backdoor deals, and the compromises she must make to survive in the political landscape.

4: As Jessica becomes entangled in a scandal with far-reaching consequences, she finds herself facing a vastly different kind of opponent.

5: The trailer teases gripping moments of suspense as Jessica fights to navigate the treacherous waters of law and politics.

6: Gina Torres captivates audiences with her captivating portrayal of a woman determined to make her mark in an unethical realm.

7: With a stellar cast and sharp writing, "Pearson" promises to be an intense and thought-provoking series that will leave audiences hungry for more.

8: As the boundaries between right and wrong blur, witness the sacrifices Jessica Pearson must make to protect her ideals and legacy.

9: Join us for an unforgettable journey as Jessica straddles the line between justice and corruption in "Pearson"—a series destined to ignite discussions about power, ethics, and redemption. Note: The content provided is within the given word limit but may require adjustments to fit the structure and design of Google Web Stories.