1: "Suiting Up Again! The Return of Harvey Specter!"

2: "Legal Genius Prevails Harvey Specter's Legendary Comeback!"

3: "Suits: Rising From Ashes Harvey Specter's Unforgettable Return!"

4: "Specter's Return: Drama Ignites New Era, Old Sparks in the Legal World!"

5: "The Roaring Return: Harvey Specter Dominates the Courtroom!"

6: "Suits Reborn: Harvey Specter's Revival New Chapters in the Legal Drama Saga!"

7: "Resurrecting Suits: Harvey Specter's Epic Legal Ragnarök!"

8: "A Phoenix's Return: Harvey Specter Revives Legal Brilliance!"

9: "Specter's Encore: Resuming the Legend of the Legal Titan!"