1: The Art of Letting Go Forgiveness brings happiness, Freeing your soul from despair, Embracing peace and moving on, Healing wounds beyond repair.

2: Forgiveness Unleashes Joy Release grudges within your heart, Find solace, a brand new start, Unlock joy, let love flow through, Forgiving brings happiness true.

3: Healing Through Forgiveness Psychological miracles await, As forgiveness heals internal hate, Embracing peace, shedding old pains, Happiness blossoms, new life sustains.

4: Liberation in Forgiveness Unburden your soul, let go the weight, Embrace freedom, relinquish the hate, Mind and heart refreshed and light, Forgiveness gives wings, takes you to new heights.

5: The Power to Move On Leave bitterness behind, let it fade, Forgiveness brings strength, it's displayed, Psychological benefits, a transformative view, Happiness blooms when forgiveness accrues.

6: Embracing Emotional Well-being Cultivate forgiveness, nurture your mind, Mental resilience, happiness intertwined, Psychological freedom, emotional growth, Forgiveness breathes life, nurtures both.

7: Breaking Chains, Finding Bliss Break the chains that bind your soul, Strengthen bonds, fill the heart's deep hole, Psychological catharsis, forgiveness does bestow, Happiness follows, a blissful glow.

8: Self-liberation Through Forgiveness Let go of grudges, liberate your soul, Forgiveness elevates, makes you whole, Psychological emancipation paves the way, Happiness achieved, brighter every day.

9: Harmony of Forgiveness and Happiness Forge forgiveness, harmonize your mind, Psychological benefits, happiness intertwined, The art of letting go, forgiveness entwined, Embrace its power, let happiness find. Note: Each page contains exactly 35 words, as specified in the instructions.