1: 1. Glory 79: Redemption Rivalry Renewed. 2. Epic clash between Sullivan and Martinez.

2: 3. WCKB 2022: World Championship at stake. 4. Striking legends collide: Johnson vs. Ramirez.

3: 5. Evolution Battle: Black vs. Tanaka. 6. High-stakes duel between rising stars.

4: 7. Unleashing Fury: Thompson vs. Santos. 8. Power-packed showdown for the ages.

5: 9. K-1 World GP: Showstopper in Tokyo. 10. Global contenders battle for supremacy.

6: 11. Clash of Titans: Silva vs. Nguyen. 12. Explosive display of technique and tenacity.

7: 13. Bantamweight Thriller: Lopez vs. Smith. 14. Feisty showdown for championship glory.

8: 15. Showdown at Madison Square Garden. 16. Unforgettable night of kickboxing greatness.

9: 17. Welterweight War: Garcia vs. Rodriguez. 18. Battle of the titans for division supremacy. Please note that these are short descriptions, tailored to fit Google Web Story guidelines. For elaborate content, consider expanding each page's description.