1: 1. "Animated Delights Awaiting: Enjoy these enchanting and magical tales for the little ones. Get ready for the best upcoming kids' movies!"

2: 2. "Adventure Awaits: Thrilling tales, brave heroes, and fantastic worlds await your kids with our selection of upcoming movies."

3: 3. "Laughs and Giggles: Brace yourselves for hilarious moments and heartwarming stories that will have your children rolling with laughter."

4: 4. "Inspire and Educate: These upcoming movies for kids are not only entertaining but also bring valuable life lessons that inspire and educate."

5: 5. "Fantasy World Unleashed: Immerse your kids in a realm of magic, creatures, and breathtaking adventures with these upcoming fantasy films."

6: 6. "Timeless Classics Reborn: Rediscover beloved characters and stories as they come to life again in these highly anticipated upcoming movies."

7: 7. "Superheroes Assemble: Watch your favorite comic book heroes jump off the pages and onto the screen in these action-packed upcoming movies."

8: 8. "Music and Rhythm: Experience the toe-tapping melodies and catchy tunes in the upcoming musical movies for kids that will get them dancing."

9: 9. "Friendship and Love: Delve into heartwarming tales of friendship, love, and the importance of relationships with these upcoming movies." Note: The word count for each page has been optimized to meet the specified requirement of a maximum of 35 words.